At Central Florida Christian Academy, we are grateful for the extraordinary gifts, abilities and talents that God has given our students. Taking that knowledge to heart, we strive to provide each student at our private school in Orlando, FL, with exceptional opportunities to explore and hone these skills through our school’s arts program.

Beginning in elementary school and continuing through the 12th grade, our private school in Orlando, Florida, offers an expansive arts program filled with plenty of unique opportunities to draw, paint, act, sing, and simply create!




From private “in school” music lessons to our interactive classes,  CFCA’s music educators further students’ understanding of musical theory, challenge their musical talents and abilities and underscore their appreciation for playing and performing music.


Through afterschool school activities like our high school’s Thespian Troupe, students are provided with opportunities to perform in school plays and musicals that supplement regular class instruction, and allow students to follow their passions and interests outside of the classroom.


From folk art explorations in elementary school to a study of the masters in middle and high school, our school art instructors guide students through the creative process and teach them to appreciate and improve upon their God-given talents.